About Us

First company, specifically dedicated to Production Services in Uruguay.
El Camino Films base of operations, located in the charming southern capital of Montevideo (Uruguay), offers also the possibility of shooting in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), or Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Founded with the mission to offer A - Class Production support in South America, basically for North American and European projects.

Our clients respond mainly to our extensive experience shooting in the General Market in the United States, this Know - How acquired by dealing directly with American and European agencies forged us to provide such superior Production Services for these markets.

We know first hand what your clients expect from you, so we commit our efforts in making your production in South America, as effortless as shooting in Los Angeles.

Production Service / South America

With more than 15 years of experience shooting in North, Central and South America, Nicolás Aznárez and Chris Romano merged themselves in order to develop this new enterprise, after meeting and working together in A Band Apart (Los Angeles – USA), Quentin Tarantino´s mythical company.

After a few years of work, and with the ability of conquering a solid position in the industry, back in March 2007, one of the best production companies from Los Angeles (MJZ), together with Frederick Bond (top 10 best advertising directors) and Guillermo Navarro (2007 Oscar Winner for best cinematography, for The Labyrinth of the Faun) selected E.C.F. for the new Absolut Vodka worldwide campaign. Also In June 2007 Brazilian O2 Filmes confirmed El Camino Films as partly responsible for the production of the new feature film, entitled “Blindness”, directed by the talented Fernando Meirelles, together with César Charlone (Oscar nominee for best cinematography, for City of God) and based on José Saramago´s Nobel Prize winner story.

Actually, with more than 150 international advertisings and vast experience in features, El Camino Films stands out, as one of the most respectable filming options and with greatest experience in Uruguay.

Nicolás Aznárez


Nicolás Aznarez’s career began at INDIAS and MOJO FILM (1995 - 2000), where he produced documentaries and advertising campaigns for international clients such as Visa, Coca Cola, Vodafone, McDonalds, Panasonic, Absolut, Carlsberg, among others.


Andrés Mailhos


He joined the company, as a Partner, in 2008.
With a background in communications, he worked for several years for advertising agencies, and also developed a broad experience in the Mass Media Corporate world.