"It's legal, now what?"

"A Feature Documentary on cannabis new culture as told through The Denver Post and The Cannabist. Denver, Colorado & Uruguay."

JOSHUA LAZARUS is a scoper, a telepath who listens to people's thoughts by entering their "internal landscape". There are only a handful of scopers in the world, and all of them were originally diagnosed as schizophrenics; the voices that barraged their heads were actually those of other people, which, when properly trained, they learned how to weed out. But the scopers’ gift is also their downfall -- without fail, a scoper goes insane by the age of twenty-nine.

The script begins on Joshua's twenty-eighth birthday. While on a government job in Uruguay , Joshua's mentor, SANDY, often loans out his students to the NSA, as a way to pay for research on the syndrome that causes the mindreaders mental instability, Joshua meets a similarly-gifted foreigner, ANNA.

Through their unique ability to mentally "open up", they instantly learn all about each other, and quickly fall in love. For a scoper, this is a miracle, since they don't have the benefit of the little secrets and privacies that love usually needs to thrive.

Joshua and Anna want to spend their few remaining days together, but Joshua knows the NSA won't allow this - as a scoper, he's a security risk, and constantly under surveillance.

With the help of his father (whom he hasn't seen since being turned over to Sandy twenty years earlier), Joshua and Anna plot an escape, but the NSA is tipped off, and Joshua is captured.

Using mysterious new abilities that he's begun to develop, Joshua manages to free himself, but it's too late, Anna has been captured by the NSA, and is being held at the hidden compound where Joshua grew up.

Alone, Joshua returns home, desperate to save Anna. What he finds at the compound changes everything, and, after a dramatic final confrontation, points the way to a new future for all mindreaders.

BLINDNESS is a feature film, based on the romance “Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira” (Blindness), by José Saramago, Literature Nobel Prize winner.

This movie is the first international co-production of Brazilian film industry, between Brazil (O2 Filmes), Canada (Rhombus Media) and Japan (Bee Vine Pictures).

It was shot in Brazil, Uruguay and Canada. Directed by Fernando Meirelles, with César Charlone as cinematographer, who have been working together since the international success of “Cidade de Deus” (City of God) and “O Jardineiro Fiel” (The Constant Gardener).

BLINDNESS narrates the story of a sudden and devastating epidemic, "The White Blindness", which destroys society, placing the characters and spectators of this film, face to face with the most basic values of our civilization. In the struggle for survival, Blindness will make us see humanity’s essence.

The intention is to reveal, through society’s total chaos and decay, what human beings are able to loose and win with our civilization’s fall experience. As characters submerge into the crisis caused by the white blindness, they will have to face up to different phases of human nature: struggles for power and famine, which can cause killing or dying, and unbridled sexuality. However, the epidemic will also make them rescue, in their struggle for survival, solidarity, humanity and dignity, above all.

Fantastic allegory of our civilization and about humanity itself.

Becoming a drama with such potential, that disruptes and touches people from all over the world. BLINDNESS is a fiction feature film that transcends boundaries in all senses.