South American people have always been related in some way or another with Horses.

Regional establishments are devoted to horse breeding, to their genetic improvement and competitions.

As a consequence, South American families, breeders, trainers, riders, horse walkers...get recognized worldwide.

Uruguay among them, is a horse - loving country; there is a huge passion for horse racing in all its varieties. In Europe and the United States is a “king’s” the south is the “people's” sport.

Gustavo Hernandez a devoted turf man was known as a “down-upon- his-luck man...” when his horses didn’t get broken, they got cracked, or bitten by a snake and the one who got intact came in the last place.

After his father's death, Pablo gets obsessed with trying to change his father’s bad luck. Teaming up with the Vio Bado brothers, close friends of the family, they travel to Argentina to get a purebred. In the Stud Clausan, they met QUIET STYLE. A foal who had a flaw in its hands composure: they were extremely stiff and that is synonym of trouble... still, they were captivated.

Pablo stated: “I like this one, it is not an exposed horse, has a good haunch and is pretty plump”, Juan Vio added: “I like his expression and the tameness...he looks far!”. The perception was shared, and the buyers felt a strange mix of adrenaline and peacefulness while facing the horse that would change their lives forever. Paying no attention to superstitions, they changed the original Invasor. This is the touching story of the horse that would turn into an icon and worldwide symbol.

Alternatives of races with unpredictable endings, incredible head to head and deserved coronations are narrated; as well as the intricacies of the sale to a Stud in United Arab Emirates, of the horse that would turn into not only THE BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD, but a synom of self improvement, overcoming all odds.